Located at the southwest corner of Lakewood Boulevard and Carson Street near Long Beach Airport with close proximity to the 405 Freeway, Long Beach Exchange is a dynamic, experiential retail and dining destination within the Douglas Park planned development in Long Beach. Opened in the Spring of 2018 LBX encompasses approximately 266,000 square feet of stores, shops and restaurants on more than 26 acres, including two acres of communal open space for the public to enjoy. Further, LBX will feature three distinct and complementary zones that work seamlessly together to create a singular experience for locals and visitors alike. These include McGowen’s Approach (LBX’s version of “Main Street”), The Landing (a grand-scaled 1.25 acre central plaza) and The Hangar @ LBX (a 16,800-square foot ‘hangar’ showcasing an evolving, curated collection of local purveyors of art, food, design, fashion and other unique goods and services).



A clean, comfortable public environment; Have a coffee, Read a book.



Healthy choices, evolved lifestyles, All your favorite foods in one place



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